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Labor Only

1 mover $80/hr

2 movers $110/hr

3 movers $155/hr

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With a Truck

1 mover and a truck $110/hr

2 movers and a truck $145/hr

3 movers and a truck $185/hr

*All of our moving trucks come with moving blankets, hand trucks and floor dollies, and shrink wrap free of charge.

*For local hourly moves travel time to and from your location is billed at our hourly rate.  We are located in immediately north of downtown Seattle just south of the Ballard Bridge.

*Please note that there is a one hour minimum for any job.

*Customer is responsible for all ferry fees and tolls.

*Payment options:  Visa and Mastercard. 

A-rays Shoot (1 of 1)-10Packing Supplies

If you’re looking for assistance in packing and preparing for your move we offer boxes and packing paper.  We can bring these supplies to you prior to your move or on the day of.  We can supply wardrobe boxes as well.