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Here are few tips to get ready for your move:

  • Place Important items such as keys, wallets, and checkbooks in a safe place before you begin packing.
  • Try to reduce clutter by placing odds and ends in either boxes or bags.  This will save you time and money.
  • Don’t over pack boxes to the point where they are too heavy to be manageable.  Heavy items such as books should be placed in smaller boxes.  A good rule is if you can’t lift it easily then it’s too heavy.
  • Clearly mark fragile boxes in large letters.
  • Items in drawers don’t need to be removed as long as the drawers are removable or if the dresser or cabinet is small.
  • Clear walk ways and halls if possible.
  • Put pets in a safe place such as an empty back bedroom or bathroom.
  • Anything that you can do to make our job easier or allow us to work more efficiently will save you money and time.